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Los Angeles car accident: Your guide to the basic aspects

A sudden, unfortunate car accident can leave you in despair and anguish. Sadly, such accidents and crashes are not uncommon in California, and a significant number of accidents are reported in Los Angeles alone. If you ever end up in a road accident in the future, you have to take steps to protect your rights, especially when the other driver has acted negligently. Hiring one of the known car accident attorneys Los Angeles can be a good idea. Here is an overview of the basic aspects worth knowing. 

What to do right after?

Immediately after a car accident in LA, take the following steps – 

  1. Call 911 and seek medical attention. 
  2. Inform the local police and wait for an officer to arrive. 
  3. Exchange insurance info and contact details with other drivers. 
  4. Note down the key car accident details on paper. 
  5. Get contact info of witnesses at the scene, if any. 
  6. Take photos and videos of the scene and your injuries. 
  7. Inform your insurance company. 
  8. Hire a personal injury lawyer. 

When should you hire a lawyer?

Ideally, you should hire an attorney if your losses are significant or when you believe that your damages are more than $10,000. The good news is most accident attorneys in LA won’t charge a fee if you don’t win a settlement, which is known as the contingency fee. If you agree to that arrangement, your lawyer will charge a part of the settlement – between 25% and 40% – after you make a recovery. Now that the fee is not an immediate concern consider hiring an attorney if –

  1. You had a role in causing the accident
  2. You sustained serious injuries or losses
  3. You don’t have experience with insurance companies
  4. You are unsure of the cause or fault
  5. There were many vehicles involved

Things to remember

Never believe that the insurance company will be fair with your claim. Eventually, it is their loss to pay a settlement. In your best interests, talk to an accident attorney soon after the crash to know the worth of your claim. They can also give you an overview of whether the case can end up in trial, which is unlikely for most car crash lawsuits. Lawyers know what it takes to negotiate a settlement and would do anything to ensure that clients get a fair outcome because their compensation or fee also depends on that. 

You can ask around to find accident attorneys near you in LA!

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