How to Prepare for SSC CGL without Coaching?

Millions of candidates each year appear for SSC exams. One of those is the SSC CGL exam. However, some of the people do not even attempt it thinking that they have to go to any educational institute. That is not true though. It is true that these exam preparations have their unique pattern. But, that does not mandate any coaching center. You can prepare all by yourself with this proper guidance.

If you have set the target of appearing on SSC CGL, you sure can and succeed too. With the help of digital media, everything is available online. You can get all the information available and plan accordingly. But, to use everything available to you, having proper guidance is a must. Therefore, we have prepared this for you-

∙         Know the Exam Pattern and Syllabus

Before you start taking preparation, always know the pattern of the exam. Knowing the SSC CGL Syllabus and pattern is of utmost importance. While doing SSC, always be updated with the syllabus as Staff Selection Commission changes their exam syllabus in every few years. Therefore, keeping track is highly needed. Download the latest syllabus from SSC’s official website.

∙         Prepare a Study Plan

Without a proper CGL study plan, you will not be able to go any further. Estimate how much time you can give in one day. Suppose you are able to make 3 hours daily. Make more than a one-time slot to study. As we all know, studying every day at the same time is not quite possible. Therefore, leaving a backup time always comes in handy.

∙         Do not stick to one subject a day

Studying one subject daily is boring and can be monotonous as well. Make a routine sequence for the particular subjects you want to study each day. It is also advisable to start the preparation chapter by chapter. And rotate it when all the required chapters you are done with. Try to grasp everything in as little time as possible. Speed learning is a must.

∙         Time Management

To qualify in the exam, you have to have some good time management skills. However, it does not grow overnight. Practice makes it perfect. You need to decide how much time you need for each subject in the exam hall in the given time duration. Then start practicing with that time schedule.

∙         Mock Tests

In this regard, mock tests are of great help. Once you are done with the topics and chapters, start practicing with the previous year’s question papers and mock tests available at BYJU’s Exam Prep. Maintain the time while doing it. As you will not be able to afford any extra minute in the actual exam.

∙         Start from Easy Chapters

Each subject has 3 different levels of chapters; easy, moderate, and difficult. Always start with the easy ones as it will help you have a good hold over the subject. Starting from anything difficult will only make you confused. Each chapter takes 2-3 days in general.

∙         Know your Weak Areas

This one is very essential. First of all, you need to handle and invest time in the subjects individually. Soon, you will or need to identify which are your weak areas. Start focusing on that. Practice them again and again unless the concepts are clear to you.

∙         Do not try to cover the Entire Syllabus

This is a mistake many candidates do. The SSC syllabus is not to be covered entirely. But to choose some portion based on what are the common chapters or can score good marks. Practice according to that with BYJU’s Exam Prep.

∙         Revision

With the revision, you will be able to analyze your weak points or previous mistakes and prepare accordingly.

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