How Old Can A PCO Car Be?

Since April 2012, vehicles more than five years are not allowed for the PCO license. So, many people can not use a personal car as a PHV driver. But, what are PCO license and PHV?

The PCO License

Since the emergence of online taxi startups, many people began to embrace the plan; this led to many volunteers being tempted to drive for these rideshare apps such as Uber. Naturally, there are some rules and qualifications to be satisfied as a driver. It considers both the person and the used vehicle. The PCO license is for these people who like to drive and earn besides. PCO is the short form of the Public Carriage Office. It is part of the Department of Transportation for London (TfL). The department controls the traffic issues including the Uber and other rideshare apps in London. Thus, they provide the driver with a license that permits them to use the opportunity. It is good to know that talking about PCO licenses usually means the driver’s qualifications.

What Should Be Done to Get the PCO License?

Naturally, the driver must be professional at driving. Besides, a driving license is a must for the applicant. They should be at least 21 years with three years of driving experience. People who are not native British must consider two important factors. The first one is their work permit. And the second one is fluency in English. If not proficient, they must improve their level of English language. Because the PHV driver is in direct contact with the native English speakers and the ability to communicate well is something out of question. The topographical test is included in this license as well. That is obvious that the driver should be able to find the proper routes. The personal background of health and clean criminal records are the last parts of the PCO license considerations.

What Is A PHV License?

The PCO license and PHV license are actually serving the same goal. The former, as we said earlier, refers to the driver. The latter often relates to the vehicle. However, they may be used vis-à-vis. All in all, they are intended to introduce the rideshare drivers eligible. Accordingly, the chosen vehicle should pass some tests and include some features to get a PHV license. One of which is mentioned before: the age of the car. The newer the vehicle, the more acceptable it is. Moreover, the PCO cars must be efficient. There should be no serious problem with it. There is this MoT certificate that must have been issued within fourteen days at the time of applying for the PCO license. The whole car is checked for this certification. Another factor to take care of is insurance. Then it comes to the car lock. All the doors must be locked independently. The car body must be clean from any kind of damage. And, no advertisement is allowed to be exhibited by the vehicle.

What If My Car Is Older Than Five Years?

For the PCO license, there is no obligation for the driver to own the vehicle. It is even possible that the driver has no car. Or, they even have an updated one but prefer not to use it for rideshare purposes. In fact, the qualified driver and the standard car can be joined together form other ways.

The PCO Rental Cars

These are the ones who must think of hiring a car: Those that do not own a car; those that have an old plate car; and those that are not into checking and keeping up to date with the car. There is another group who can enjoy this plan. The car lovers that can not afford an expensive car! The shipshape cars, the rental team that takes care of everything means you can focus on the road with peace of mind. The obligations like car age, burdens like regular repairing, and insurance are off the driver’s shoulders, by the way. Regarding the budget, interests, preferences, times, and places of work, they can choose from a certain variety of models. Even some PCO rental car vendors offer the rent-to-purchase incentive. Thus, it is like feeding two birds with one scone.  Working for online taxis and earning money, while driving a favorable car.

How long Is The License Validated?

As soon as the car is checked and eligible for the PCO license, it is possible to license it for five years. Just the MoT tests are important to consider regularly. This is among the checks that should be done on time, otherwise, the license would be canceled and the driver has to run the whole process from the beginning. So, renting a PCO car means another unburdening.

What Are The Cars in PCO Rental Plan?

Both petrol cars and electronic vehicles (EV) are available at PCO car hire centers. Many famous and efficient cars are on the list. Mercedes-Benz, Toyota, Kia, Hyundai, Nissan, Volkswagen are some examples. They are in various models, features, and rental fees. Also, MPV or 7 seater pco cars are the other choices. Their rental fees are less than ordinary cars. But they can be useful in crowded places like airports or for riding families on vacations. Yet, the most beneficial cars are electric ones like Tesla Motors. Though they may seem expensive for hiring, the amount of money it saves is noticeable. Traffic fees and petrol expenses are omitted for these vehicles.

No Car, No Worry

Now you know that even without a car you can drive a car for a living or extra earning. Just take care of the driver’s part and the PCO rental car companies pave the rest of the way for the licenses instead of you! The road is waiting.

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