Everything You Need To Know About Covered Car Transport

There are various times when you may need to transport a vehicle without driving it. The most common reasons are when you are heading across the country or to another country. The distance involved can make driving impractical. Equally, if you’re heading to another country it may not be possible to drive.

The obvious solution is to look at the best car shipping companies and get them to carry your car where it needs to go. This is when you will have an option between covered and uncovered.

Covered Transport

In essence, covered transport means your vehicle is enclosed in a container with four walls and a roof. This is the best way to protect your car during transit. If you are moving the car across the country then it can be placed inside a large truck which will then complete the drive for you.

It is worth noting that you can get an individual truck designed to take just your car or an enclosed transporter that can handle up to 8 vehicles.

The alternative is to put the car in a shipping container and add it to a freight train.

Of course, if the car is heading out of the country then the shipping container remains the most attractive option. The difference is the vehicle is loaded onto a freight ship, allowing it to meet you at your destination.

Why Covered Transport Is A Good Idea

If you’re looking to move a car across the ocean then the best option is a container as this will protect the vehicle from the salt air. Salt and paint don’t mix well, it will cause corrosion and damage the look of your vehicle.

Moving across land doesn’t necessarily carry a risk of salt corrosion. But, vehicles being transported by land or sea will be at risk of debris hitting them. That can cause significant damage.


Another good reason to use covered transport is that it is much more discreet. This is generally more important when you have an expensive or unique vehicle that you don’t want everyone looking at. After all, the more visible it is the more likely it is that someone will try to damage or steal it.

Note the Cost

You should note that the cost of covered car transport is higher than standard transport. This is partly because there is high demand in relation to the number of suppliers. It’s also because fewer vehicles can be carried on a truck than with standard delivery mechanisms, meaning the cost of fuel, insurance, and driving will all be shared against fewer vehicles.

Reduced Stress

It can be stressful to arrange for your pride and joy to be collected and moved across the country. Choosing to use a covered car transport system immediately lowers the stress and makes the experience almost pleasurable.

The company take care of everything. All you have to do is get the car ready to be loaded and collect it at the other end.

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