Email marketing strategy – A beginner’s guide

Email marketing is one of the marketing strategies where you will target your potential audience and customers via email.

All your emails should be enriched with valuable information to help your customers and audience to resolve their problems or achieve their goals.

Now let us look one by one the steps involved in an email marketing strategy.

Define your target audience

Do you know who your target audience are? Many marketers are struck at some point in email marketing because they fail to define their target audience.

It is that important.

So, start with your audience – try to know what they need, and see if your product or service could resolve their problem and take them to the next level.

People love to hear from you if you send them relevant content. And only when you know them, will you be able to send them relevant content.

Now, before jumping into the next step, here is a pro tip for you; this will help you greatly at the email list building stage.

Email hunter tools – A glimpse

As you might know that building an email list is an essential step in email marketing, there aren’t many tools that can get you the exact email address of a person.

If you are running a B2B business, it is best to build an email list with the business email address of the people, since working professionals or business owners are going to be your target audience.

Email hunter tools like is a great way to find the correct email format.

This tool comes as a chrome extension too, and this can be used to find the email addresses associated with the LinkedIn account. All it requires is to install the chrome extension to your system or browser.

With just a few clicks, you can be able to locate the correct email address associated with their LinkedIn account.

So, that was a gist about the email hunter tools. Now, let us move on to the further steps involved in the email marketing strategy.

Set up goals

This is another important thing to do.

If you aren’t sure about how to set benchmarks, you may take inspiration from others in your industry, in fact you can take into consideration your competitors’ metric.

By going through different brands’ (in your niche or industry) case studies you will be able to set realistic objectives/goals for your campaign.

And when you know what is that you wish to achieve, you can easily launch different campaigns with different objectives – lead generation, driving traffic, etc.

Build the email list

You need the right recipients for an email campaign to be successful. Isn’t it? You need to build an email list cautiously.

You could obtain the email addresses directly from the people visiting your website in exchange for some valuable resource such as a case study, monthly email newsletters, etc. and by using the email hunter tools like – we discussed about this earlier in this article.

Treat each and every recipient like a gold and over a course of time, you will start seeing good conversion happening.

Besides this, the other steps involved in email marketing strategy is to create a schedule to send emails and the tracking the results.

Concluding thoughts

I hope the information shared in this article made you realize the steps involved in email marketing.

There are so many rules to send a promotional email, but the most important one is to always remember that your subscribers are human & treat them like one.

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