Convertibles, Reasons Why Should You or Should You Not Buy One

Almost any activity that anyone does seems to be more interesting and fun when done outdoors, right? Who would stay indoors while can enjoy the bright sun and clear blue sky! Well, convertible cars will give you these same good feelings and vibes.

Owning one of these cars is a dream for many car enthusiasts, I mean honestly, no one can deny how attractive is the idea of driving such a stylish car! Not to mention the privilege of enjoying the warm sun on your skin and the cool breeze in your hair while driving!

However, convertibles have their downsides along with the upsides, and this plays a role in many people’s decisions, to opt or opt not to purchase one.

So is it a good idea to buy this car? Let’s find out the reasons why should you or should not buy a car without a roof.

It Is Expensive (Downside)

Convertible cars are much more expensive than regular ones and that is just a fact because these cars are sports cars which normally affect the car value.

Their expense doesn’t come because you got the chance to feel the sun or the cool breeze! They literally require more pieces to be built, not to mention that they exist in fewer quantities than regular cars.

Not to mention that they weigh more than regular ones because of their folding-top mechanisms, which means they need more fuel.

2 in 1 (Upside)

If you are one of those who like both convertible cars and regular cars and can not make up your mind which one you should buy, this car is just a perfect choice.

Convertible cars provided an answer to this problem, you can have both an open and a closed one whenever and wherever you want.

There Is No Enough Space (Downside)

People who have convertibles know this downside very well, these cars have a really small space interior especially the back seats, and what makes it worse is that the car becomes smaller when you close the roof.

So if you have a big family, or you want to transport multiple passengers, convertibles are certainly not a smart option.

Not to mention that if you want to fold the roof it will be stored somewhere that you will end up with less storage space for your luggage! Meaning you can not go on a trip on a sunny day with your bags in the trunk because you will need to open that roof eventually!

It Is Stylish (Upside)

Convertible cars have never failed to wow me, every time I see one I unconsciously turn my head and everyone’s head in the street.

These good-looking cars are considered a perfect fit for style enthusiasts and the experience itself is really tempting, you will feel like a superstar in some movie.

The Roof Might Leak (Downside)

Although manufacturers tried their best in the last few years when building these cars, a convertible’s roof might leak. These leaks can lead to mold and odor to the interior of the car, on the seats and dashboard, which can be a really annoying issue for you.

It Has Great Visibility (Upside)

When driving this car in some landscape, just open the roof and enjoy the 360-degree view.

No car can compete with this car when it comes to the experience and the charm that this car gives you.

It Is Noisey (Downside)

Convertibles are noisy. So next time you are heading to buy one, prepare yourself for a noisy, loud experience, and nothing can insulate you from this.

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There Is More Headroom (Upside)

Are you a tall person and bored of not having enough headroom? This car is the one for you!

No more of your head hitting the roof, touching it, or bumping, you can enjoy an infinite space and free yourself from limited closed cars!

As you can see, owning a convertible seems to be good only in moderate weather seasons.

So, if you live in a place that has harsh winters this car will end up parked in your garage, or you will end up saying “I want to sell my car in Dubai” if you live there, where summers never end! And you will not be able to enjoy its main feature, which is the retractable roof.

Just try not to buy the car if you will end up using it only when the roof is closed because you are going to end up dealing with all its downsides and not enjoying the fun part.

On the other hand, don’t hesitate about buying this car if you really want to enjoy driving under the sun, you live in a place where it doesn’t rain or snow too much, and you have enough money.

Author: Mohamad Omari from Premium warehouse of News.

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