5 Powerful Car Mods for the Ultimate Driving Experience

Whether you’re a seasoned racing driver or an everyday petrolhead, the need for more speed, driving performance and a better-looking motor is ever compelling! And, if you know where to shop and possess just the right amount of mechanical knowledge, you can achieve impressive improvements on a modest budget.

But, if your goal is to bolster your car’s image and performance, where is your money best spent? We’ve put together a list of five tried-and-true upgrades to help you overhaul your car’s looks and squeeze out every possible ounce of power and performance behind the wheel. Ready to get started? Then, let’s go!

Dump Valves

If you’re the lucky owner of a turbocharged car, you can enhance its performance even more by installing a new dump valve. Please bear in mind that this mod is only suitable for turbocharged cars. With naturally aspirated cars, air is brought in by the engine itself, instead of the turbine, which brings in compressed air on turbocharged models.

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Dump valves are designed to safely release pent-up pressure in turbocharged engines. They can reliably hold high boost levels and improve throttle response and the performance of your turbocharger system, without damaging the engine!

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High-quality Tyres

Substandard tyres can seriously drag your car’s performance down – even if everything else is on point! You may have tolerated a set of stock, or worn tyres for so long that you got used to your car handling sluggishly.

However, once you replace them with a brand new set of performance tyres, you’ll instantly realise what you’ve been missing. Premium tyres are better constructed, which in turn means superior grip and performance – and more responsive handling to boot. Once you test them out on the road, or the race track, we think you’ll realise that this upgrade was well worth it.

Replace Your Floor Mats

This next one might seem like a really minor change, but bear with us – the simple act of replacing your floor mats really can make a world of difference to your car’s interior aesthetics. Many stock floor mats are not the most exciting, to be kind – and can also begin to look worn and tired with years of daily use.

Replacing them with something a little more luxurious, such as quilted leather floor mats, or sporty, such as a set of classic racing mats could provide the ideal solution. A few well-placed floor mats can make even humbler motors look cooler and more desirable.

Short Shifter

One of the challenges faced by speed-oriented manual car drivers is the amount of movement required to shift through the gears to gain speed. The time and movement needed to shift through the gears can easily be reduced by installing a short shifter (or a ‘short throw’ gear shifter).

With a short shift, the ‘throw’ required for a gear change is significantly reduced, making it easier to shift gears quickly. And, by spending less time changing gears, you’ll also spend less time with one hand on the wheel, which makes driving a little safer.

Shock Absorbers

True to their name, shock absorbers help cars to absorb the shocks associated with driving over speed humps and hills, by helping to ensure that the tyres remain fixed to the ground. They also help to keep the suspension springs under control. Although it is the springs themselves that absorb the suspension’s movement, the shock absorbers help to limit how much they bounce.

So, it stands to reason that installing new shock absorbers can improve your car’s stability, riding comfort – and most importantly, safety. You can have your front shock absorbers replaced from around £150 to £650 – or your rear shock absorbers from around £130 to £600.

Best of Luck with Your Modding Efforts

Many thanks for reading our article – we hope you enjoy it and now have plenty of ideas for how to upgrade your pride and joy in the coming months. No matter which upgrades you decide to try for your car, we hope you achieve the results you were expecting. Good luck!

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